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About Me

Timely. Dedicated. Motivated. Professional.


I'm Rachel, a Portrait and freelance photographer from Rochester, New York.  My passion for photography began at the age of eight when my parents purchased their first digital Olympus camera. Ever since that day I haven't stopped taking pictures, of everything, all the time.

I self taught myself the amazing program known as Photoshop at a very young age and continued to grow with it as it advanced over the years. It was amazing to take a photograph and then be  able to retouch, edit and make it even more amazing than it was before.

Since then, technology has advanced and so has my experience. I am a freelance photographer with experience photographing professional school pictures, graduation commencements, sports, weddings and other types of events.

Every time I look through the lens I want to capture the beauty, expression, and enthusiasm in each portrait. Let me help you preserve time and hold onto every special moment in life.

Contact | Tel: 585.406.1684

If you are interested in purchasing any of my photography or would like to set up a portrait session feel free to call or send me an email and I'd be happy to go over pricing.

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